The company provides technologies and services to customers that work and deliver tangible benefits based upon the experience of senior personnel.

The company focuses on the retail and service industries, with particular emphasis on the integration and facilitation of the different systems retailers and enterprises find themselves perhaps needing to "use" in order to run their businesses. This includes portal consolidation of store level information and its passing onto buying groups or the movement of product catalogues from supplier groups to retailer's stores. AMC's focus is to enable and empower retailers.

The company has fostered skills in its staff to be able to take a "top down" approach to a customer's objectives and deliver a solution meeting those stated needs, having automatically filled in the blanks. Not infrequently, customers omit, to varying degrees, what are essential elements in a specification to provide a working solution that fulfils their major functional objectives. This is not unreasonable, customers are not IT experts, the experienced AMC staff include the omissions thereby delivering a rounded and complete solution to the customer usually vastly exceeding the expectations.

The latest technologies are adopted and implemented when appropriate. There is a strict adherence to international standards, object orientation, scalability and platform independence to maximise the customer's future options, in both a technology and business sense.

AMC is a 'quiet achiever' partnering it's clients, whether they be an industry body or an end user or distributor, to ensure delivery of the required specification and systems meeting or exceeding the "clients" objectives with a minimum of fuss and to the betterment of the "client". AMC is frequently involved in multiple supplier ventures with "clients". In these ventures, AMC constantly monitors the progress of all the parties and, where it considers appropriate, undertakes contingency planning and even develops an alternative solution to ensure the project's success for the client.

Technical Capacity Languages & Operating Systems

AMC Convergent IT retains in-house capability in: C++, Delphi, HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Apache, Btrieve, Mysql, Oracle, XML, Teradata, Visual Basic, Communications protocols (tcp/ip, netbui, etc), Windows and Linux operating systems and Phone applications Symbian, Android and iPhone.

Committed to the Environment

AMC Convergent IT is committed to offsetting as much as possible its carbon footprint by investing in carbon neutral initiatives.

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