Retail Management System Solutions: Airport Operations, Front end Operations, Back end Operations, Retail Management Portal, Airport Kiosks, AIMS & AOP connectivity.

Airport Retailing Accounts For 7% Of The Total Retail Industry.

A Retail System to the public usually refers to the cash registers at the check-out counters that customers see at the retail outlets. To a retailer, depending on their business, the Retail System is really nothing more than a cash register or calculator that counts the money coming in or change given out. However, the trend in retailing & the highly competitive nature of the retailing industry requires a good retailing strategy & management techniques as well as a retail system to assist the management keep track of the daily routine retail functions such as revenue management, sales analysis & inventory tracking. Speed is of the essence in assisting the retailer in queue management & obtaining up to date sales information using the least back office resources. With this, the retailer is able to maximise profits.

The AMC Retail Management System (RMS) is tailor made for the retailer supporting many different retailing businesses but also for the Airport Operator or Retail Shopping Complex.

The RMS is a set of commercialisation strategies, & AMC's RMS solution consists of:
1. Retailing Business Model
2. Retailing Strategies
3. Concessionaire Management
4. Retail Management System.

RMS AOP Solution - Enables
1. the main operator or airport operator to know at any point in time what revenues are being generated by the retailers (concessionaires).
2. the main operator or airport operator to collect the accurate amount of royalty in a timely & efficient manner.
3. the main operator or airport operator to monitor the performance of retailers, thereby ensuring that only the best & most effective retailers are operators at the airport or complex.
4. the retailers to manage all aspects of their retailing functions conveniently, efficiently & effectively.
5. the relevant statutory bodies such as Customs & Statistics Departments with effective immediate information.
6. the retailer to manage their operations using approved strategies, direction & policies.
7. the retailer to have dynamic control in retailing system whereby they can have centralised buying, warehouse receiving, item creation & pricing control in the Head Office with secure remote

RMS Solution - Retailing Business Model
This is a business modelling technique called Structured Information Method that helps the retailer setup their business structure by using the Strategy Tactical & Operational Levels.

RMS Solution - Retailing Strategies
The retailing strategies provide tactical direction to middle management & instructions to the operational staff.

RMS Solution - Concessionaires Management Manual
This is a living document. It consists of all the commercialisation strategies, tactical directions, operational policies, government policies & other parties requirements impacting on their business.

RMS Solution - Retail Management System
This is a total solution that suits different types of environments namely airport environment, normal shopping chain environment or food & beverage environment.

With the AMC RMS System the Operator or Management is able to monitor & plan the performance, as well as the direction, of the entire retail outlet to maximise revenue.

RMS is able to provide the Retailers with customer / passenger buying trends to enable the retailers to effectively plan their shop floor stocks & displays to maximise revenue & minimise the cost of stock holding thereby increasing the profitability of each shop at the airport or complex.

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Case Study | Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, Selangor is a user of AMC Retail Management Systems. Developed to cater for passenger volumes of up to 80 million per annum. Commissioned in 1998 & continuing to provide efficient service to the Airport Operator & Concessionaires. Provides 24 hour a day, 7 days a week operations. AMC provided AOP RMS elements, AOP consolidation using ORACLE, Concessionaire POS & back office software.

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