Our customers are diverse common to all is the need for a fully integrated enterprise wide retail management solution, delivering business results and relieving the administrative load on management personnel - freeing them to manage the business.

Some are industry level providers of services to their members needing to know the effectiveness of marketing strategies over wide geographic areas, others are high volume public deliverers of products and services in environments of high public frustration potential and a demanding, highly critical public. KLIA falls into this category with a potential 80 million passengers per annum many of whom are sleep deprived and with low tolerance levels at the time the airport concessionaires interact with them.

Projects current and past.

Meat & Livestock Australia
industry wide portal provision


Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal
Sepang, Malaysia


Liquor Barons

Strike Bowling Bar

Thirsty Camel

Feast Fine Foods
Richard Gunner Fine Meat Butchers- Feast!

Illy coffee
Coffee club loyalty customer marketing system across all the stores use the one card to earn points & redeem points throughout the enterprise.

Central News Agency (CNA)
Specialty book, toy, stationery & magazine stores 340 sites South Africa



NCR (Australia)





DH Technologies

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