The Retail PORTAL ASP is a powerful sophisticated BOS and Head Office system in a single hosted series of applications using the Internet as the communication pathway.

A simple browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape or compatible) can be used to gain access to the Enterprise information from anywhere there is an Internet connection (ADSL or dial up).

Application Choices
Select from a wide range of specifically retail enterprise management system modules.

Hosted environments reside on ORACLE. Mini-Portal environments running in unhosted modes reside on MySql or ORACLE (licence fees apply).

POS information is fed online real time from POSPORTAL directly or from non AMCCIT POS products through a standard XML interface.

Sources of real time update include portable data terminals (PDT) or PDA devices. Legacy systems and Oracle Financials, SAP and others can be both updated by and update the PORTAL ASP applications through the XML specification or CSV or ascii interfaces.

Cost Effective
Pay for what is used through subscription services.

Site(s) & Head Office
Data resides on the same computer. Access to a single site or a group of sites or enterprise wide (Head Office) is controlled by the individual's log in & privileges.

Transaction detail is held and comprehensive use of drill-down technology is used to deliver to the user relevant information at the desired detail level.

Automatic consolidation for Head Office into regions & enterprise wide reporting of financial & stock management reports including loyalty.

Typical Business Applications...

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Case Study | Salon

A rapidly growing franchise of stores selling hair care products, salon services, body piercing and nail manicure. AMCCIT hair retail management system provides the point of sale, procurement, pricing, specials & promotions control, inventory management and some enterprise specific services. A salon scheduler manages customers having hair services cuts, colours & treatments ensuring salon resources are available for customer appointments. SMS customers for follow up appointments & appointment reminders. Comprehensive customer marketing, gift card and loyalty management ensures the maximum customer service is achieved. Franchise fees are automatically calculated and charged to the franchisees. Provides Franchisor Head Office control of policies within the stores throughout the enterprise. Franchisees can order products for which their store has been ranged, charge prices of their choosing, use both centrally determined and local store discount policies.
A fully integrated debtors, creditors, procurement, stock management, central policy determined ranging, financial reporting & control retail management system is provided coupling together all aspects of the business including multimedia marketing.
Currently, there is an expanding 125 stores in the franchise.

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