Kiosks strategically place in high traffic areas; in a shopping mall, store or airport concourse, can be an important revenue, marketing and service tool.

The AMCCIT Kiosks provide a range of services and consumer interactions including:

a. Loyalty & Marketing self help for enquiry & updating of information.

b. Survey completion & rewards.

c. Cooking & other types of consumer information & instructions.

d. Recipes to choose & print.

e. Sports Tipping participation in tipping competitions – single store or chain wide.

f. Orders – consumers can place orders for what they want to purchase, have delivered or made for them from a selection of choices.

g. Customs & Immigration information (specific to countries).

h. Internet Access for consumers (can be restricted).

i. Multimedia presentations to prospective consumers whilst idle.

j. Consumer assistance with directions about how-to-get somewhere.

k. Act as a terminal to an enterprise or chain of stores for staff access; such as in an airport, train station, shopping mall or store.

l. Consumer statements or access point for a variety of services where the consumer needs to interact with the business or the activity being pursued.

A wide variety of user selectable kiosk cabinets and formats are available. These can reflect the individualism & entrepreneurial nature of the business or purpose.

iZen Point of Sale
iZen Point of Sale software is a flexible, easy-to-use full-featured browser-based application available on iPad, android tablets, windows devices and desktop. iZen Point of Sale connects automatically to the AMCCIT Retail Portal ASP back office to provide powerful functionality for retail businesses.
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Point of Sale
POSPORTAL software is a powerful, user friendly point-of-sale application for use retail businesses. POSPORTAL is a gateway using the Internet to the AMCCIT PORTAL ASP back office & Head Office financial & stock management system.
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Retail Portal ASP
The Retail PORTAL ASP is a powerful sophisticated BOS and Head Office system in a single hosted series of applications using the Internet as the communication pathway. A simple browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape or compatible) can be used to gain access to the Enterprise information from anywhere there is an Internet connection (ADSL or dial up).
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