Operating a hair salon/retail outlet is a combination of product, hairdresser resource & customer management, particularly in a franchise.

Our solutions provide a comprehensive scheduler empowering the salon area to properly coordinate & use the resources at its disposal, All Service & Procedures, e.g. cut & colour have activity durations at which each resource is used & can be scheduled. Client histories, last appointments & next appointment are all managed via the Scheduler including email & SMS reminders and marketing activities. Visually see the availability of salon resources when making client appointments. For franchise operations ensuring adherence to range and pricing model policies is always a need. The full inventory management, procurement including supplier contracts & specials/promotions Zen Global system provides the flexibility with control franchises need.

The Gift Card, Marketing & Loyalty modules allow you to individualise your business catering to you specific clients’ & your business needs.

Large or small franchises can profit by using the Zen Global Hair Salon Retail products to manage their business. Monitor individual stores and the enterprises performance meeting the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) you set. Reward the staff by knowing their performance in achieving the staff KPIs set. Reach your clients using E-flyers and other communication tools. Promote products, services and the business using multimedia tools controlled from a central point.

This product is running a 125 store retail/salon chain of franchised & company stores.

iZen Point of Sale
iZen Point of Sale software is a flexible, easy-to-use full-featured browser-based application available on iPad, android tablets, windows devices and desktop. iZen Point of Sale connects automatically to the AMCCIT Retail Portal ASP back office to provide powerful functionality for retail businesses.
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Point of Sale
POSPORTAL software is a powerful, user friendly point-of-sale application for use retail businesses. POSPORTAL is a gateway using the Internet to the AMCCIT PORTAL ASP back office & Head Office financial & stock management system.
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Retail Portal ASP
The Retail PORTAL ASP is a powerful sophisticated BOS and Head Office system in a single hosted series of applications using the Internet as the communication pathway. A simple browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape or compatible) can be used to gain access to the Enterprise information from anywhere there is an Internet connection (ADSL or dial up).
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