Let your customers order & pay take a “stalk number” and you find them when their order is ready.

Customers can add to the order. Sell food or drink items with modifiers (skim milk, no mayonnaise) direct ordered items to kitchen or barista printers and bump orders delivered from display screens. Alternatively, use a wireless handheld device or even an ipad for waiter or remote customer “self-ordering”. Zen Global products support all of these. Zen Global supports more than 7,200 one shot buttons which can have multiple lines & images on the buttons. Interact with your customers rapidly, efficiently & in a variety of ways. You could have a sit down restaurant, with a kiosk over the counter serving section & a function room and service them all with the single Zen Global product. They are locations within the same store.

The comprehensive stock reporting & pricing modules provide accuracy & flexibility in menu & portion control. Use the Zen Global Vision product to show & rapidly vary your menu options on multimedia large format screens which show images of the food, a description & the price. This is integrated to the inventory and when the prepared portions or critical element in a menu item is exhausted the system can be configured to remove the particular menu item from the multimedia screens.

iZen Point of Sale
iZen Point of Sale software is a flexible, easy-to-use full-featured browser-based application available on iPad, android tablets, windows devices and desktop. iZen Point of Sale connects automatically to the AMCCIT Retail Portal ASP back office to provide powerful functionality for retail businesses.
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Point of Sale
POSPORTAL software is a powerful, user friendly point-of-sale application for use retail businesses. POSPORTAL is a gateway using the Internet to the AMCCIT PORTAL ASP back office & Head Office financial & stock management system.
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Retail Portal ASP
The Retail PORTAL ASP is a powerful sophisticated BOS and Head Office system in a single hosted series of applications using the Internet as the communication pathway. A simple browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape or compatible) can be used to gain access to the Enterprise information from anywhere there is an Internet connection (ADSL or dial up).
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iZen Point of Sale BrochureiZen Restaurant Bump Screen Application BrochurePosportal - Point of Sale Fact SheetPortal ASP - "back office" functions Fact SheetZen Global Vision overview Brochure

Case Study | Waves Coffee


A franchise group of coffee outlets using the AMCCIT Zen Global coffee loyalty & gift cards for their customers to trade with them, accruing points, redeeming coffees and other products either free or at reduced prices. The host for these sites which are in Canada are located in Melbourne, Australia. Every time a gift or loyalty card is swiped in any of the Waves stores whilst the customer is still in front of the operator an enquiry is made over the Internet from Canada to Australia and the relevant data is returned to the store - all in the blink of an eye with a reliability essential to the integrity of the business.
There are 17 stores in this group.
Canada there are an additional 10 stores implemented in Canada running the Zen Global loyalty and Sales modules..

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