Selling cards is a specialised business with unique product catalogues and ranges.

Card companies may visit & restock your store or rotate the stock to assist you to market their products – the Zen Global system interfaces to some of the major players in the Distribution of Greeting Cards in Australia facilitating the automatic reconciliation of stock replaced or rotated or changed by visiting Distribution company staff. This feature updates your product master stock holdings, generates POS item records & price changes/deletions as required all without the store operators intervention being required. Orders are automatically created based upon a number of criteria you set. These orders can be individual or consolidated for a number of stores and once finalised automatically emailed to the distribution company. On despatch the Distribution company sends an “advance shipping notice” (ASN) to either the store or Head Office & the store Stock Receipt or Allocations occur. Card lover clubs, buy 5 and get the next card free and a wide variety of other loyalty/marketing tools are provided.

Gifts can represent a challenge for systems to handle. They are often small, come from a wide variety of boutique manufacturers & distributors who often do not have the ability or means to barcode the products. Zen Global deals with this. Retail pricing is often a tricky process with these goods Zen Global provides tool to manage the retail pricing using “price matrices” that can take into account a wide variety of things including pricing sensitivity, rounding up or down, fixed amount or % margin and so on. The tool takes the guess work out of pricing policies for receiving clerks or store operators. The price matrix for the product range or department or supplier is created once by the store operator or Head Office & automatically applied to the generate the retail price of an item (even generating the price labels) as it is stock receipted. The sophisticated reporting lets you know what sold when of a supplier representative who turns up to convince you to buy more – simply generate the report when the rep walks in the door.

Zen Global provides satellite support for kiosk type stalls in shopping centres for special days such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. These kiosks can be widely separated from the store within the centre and all the information available either through an Internet wireless connection or at the end of the day when equipment returned for storage. These terminals can be laptops or easily transported devices.

iZen Point of Sale
iZen Point of Sale software is a flexible, easy-to-use full-featured browser-based application available on iPad, android tablets, windows devices and desktop. iZen Point of Sale connects automatically to the AMCCIT Retail Portal ASP back office to provide powerful functionality for retail businesses.
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Point of Sale
POSPORTAL software is a powerful, user friendly point-of-sale application for use retail businesses. POSPORTAL is a gateway using the Internet to the AMCCIT PORTAL ASP back office & Head Office financial & stock management system.
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Retail Portal ASP
The Retail PORTAL ASP is a powerful sophisticated BOS and Head Office system in a single hosted series of applications using the Internet as the communication pathway. A simple browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape or compatible) can be used to gain access to the Enterprise information from anywhere there is an Internet connection (ADSL or dial up).
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