Empowering retailers with better business solutions

Industry leader with more than 15 years experience
Committed to developing solutions specifically for the retail environment
Dedicated personnel with proven project planning and management skills

AMC Convergent IT is an industry leader with more than 15 years experience delivering successful retail solutions to a wide range of Australian and international retailers.

The AMC Convergent IT Retail Management System (RMS) is more than just a procurement tool; it offers a holistic approach to all business activities within the retail environment including multimedia advertising and marketing.

Our management system can be applied to almost any retail endeavour from SMEs to vertical operators and large organisations with a global reach. AMC Convergent IT has also successfully implemented large-scale rollouts of its own and third party products, in some cases across 1,500 sites with in excess of 6000 terminals.

Our comprehensive project planning and management systems ensure our team delivers products and services on time and within budget under fixed or variable cost contracts.

Our senior personnel work closely with every client to provide the best technological solutions, which deliver substantial benefits to the client and their customers’ experiences.

Within the retail and service sector, AMC Convergent IT places particular emphasis on the integration and facilitation of the different systems retailers use to “talk” with their customers. Whether it’s communicating directly to buying groups or tracking the movement of product catalogues from supplier groups to the retailer stores, we can help tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Whichever solution you choose, AMC Convergent IT aims to create a retail experience that exceeds yours and your customers’ expectations, and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your business.

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